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Blast Off! (chapter)

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This article is about the manga chapter.
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Kingdom Hearts Episode 9

KH Manga 9a.png

KH Manga 9b.png
Publisher Tokyopop
Yen Press
First published October 2005 (TP)
May 2013 (YP)
Cover date October 2005 (TP)
May 2013 (YP)
Written by Shiro Amano
Letters by Adriana Rivera (TP)
Terri Delgado, Alyssa Blakeslee (YP)
Edits by Alexis Kirsch (TP)
Continuity Manga continuity
Chronology Kingdom Hearts


Donald and Goofy lead Sora to the Gummi Ship. While marveling in the ship's features, he is stopped by two chipmunks. Donald introduces them as Chip and Dale, the ship's mechanics. As they enter the cockpit, a cricket garbed in grand captain attire, introduces himself as Jiminy Cricket. The Gummi Ship blasts off, shortly arriving at a new world.

The trio literally fall down a hole into this new world, where they see a White Rabbit. This White Rabbit hurries past them, mentioning how he is late. Donald stands up, telling the group to follow the rabbit.

Featured characters[edit]

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Continuity errors[edit]

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Artistic errors[edit]

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Items of note[edit]

Dubbing changes[edit]

Kingdom Hearts references[edit]

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Real-world references[edit]

  • The White Rabbit's worrisome attitude, and repetitive "I'm late!" outbursts are references to the 1951 animated Disney film Alice in Wonderland, in which the White Rabbit acted in the same manner.

Miscellaneous trivia[edit]

  • As Sora first enters the Gummi Ship, Chip and Dale hit him with a mop, telling Sora not to make a mess of the place.
  • Before the group enters Wonderland, Goofy and Donald tell Sora to look to the left and right of the Gummi Ship. Sora later adds to look down.