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Pete is a Dimension Link for Terra, Ventus, and Aqua in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. He is exclusive to the European and North American versions of Birth by Sleep, and also appears in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. Pete is obtained after the player has encountered Captain Dark or Captain Justice from a Special Panel on any Command Board.


Pete's command deck somewhat reflects his own personality. His decks are mostly made up of "tricky" commands like Taunt, Binding Strike, and Confusion Strike. These type of commands will easily cause confusion among enemies, making it easy to attack. His first ability, Munny Plus, doubles the amount of munny obtained from defeated enemies. His second ability, Steal, allows the player to occasionally get items from enemies. Steal is a reference to the popular Final Fantasy command. For munny-raising and item-collecting, this deck is very useful.


Level 0

Command Deck

Level 1 File:DL PeteMunnyPlus.png

Command Deck
  • Fruit Shot

Level 2 File:DL PeteSteal.png

Command Deck
  • Taunt, Binding Strike, Confusion Strike, Confetti, Binding Strike, Confusion Strike, Aerial Slam

Exclusive Commands

Fruit Shot

Fruit Shot: The player summons a giant fruit to bash enemies.

Rumble Rave

Ven using the "Rumble Rave" Finisher in Neverland

Rumble Rave (ランブルレイヴ Ranburu Reivu?): The player rides in Captain Dark's kart and crashes into enemies.