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Main Symbols with importance to the story[edit]


The Heart is the one of the central plot elements and eponymous for the series title. It's not associated with a speficic group (yet).
Use as a symbol:


The symbol is used for the Heartless in general and specific for the Emblem Heartless. First and foremost it's a crossed out heart, which characterizes the Heartless.
Use as a symbol:

  • origins in or at least resembles the χ-blade keychain token
  • symbolizes Riku at least to some point. The Ultimania uses a non crossed out Heartless emblem for him. When possessed by the Darkness, he wears the emblem on the chest.[KH]
  • keychain token of Way to Dawn
  • part of Naminé's drawing
  • different weapons (e.g. Akashic Record or Precious Mushroom)


The Organization XIII uses the symbol and every Nobody is signed with it. It somewhat resembles a heart like the Heartless symbol, the spiked and sharp design is typical for the Nobodies.
Use as a symbol:


All Unversed bear that emblem (with the exception of Flood). With much goodwill there is a heart visible in the center. It directly associated with Vanitas.
Use as a symbol:

Terra's mark

It comes in different colorizations for each rank of a keyblade wielder. The similarity with the Nobody symbol is no accident, the Keyblade Master symbol was the reference used by Xehanort.
Use as a symbol:

Dream Eater Emblems
These emblems decorate the Dream Eaters, Spirits and Nightmares respectively, in Kingdom Hearts 3D.


The other titular symbol. The crown a the symbol of power and reign (over a kingdom). It's mostly associated with Sora, who can even physically wear one in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. As a gameplay element it's used for puzzle pieces and the so-called Mission Crowns. The Other or Somebody Emblem, which is exclusively used in the strategy guides could be a crown seen from the top.
Use as a symbol:


The keyhole symbol stands for a world's keyhole or a gate to another world. After the χ-blade is destroyed in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep it emits keyholes. The reason (and consequence) of this is currently unknown.
Use as a symbol:


The key symbolizes the keyblade.
Use as a symbol:


Chi is 22nd letter of the Greek alphabet. In the series it stands for the X-Blade. Xemnas used a similar chaped X for the names of the Organization XIII.


The Wayfinder symbolizes a connection or a promise or both. It's connected to the Paopu fruit.
Use as a symbol:

Minor Symbols with no impact on the story (yet)[edit]


The Fleur-de-lis is an important heraldic symbol. In the series it's mainly used for Sora, but to some extend also for Roxas. The Master Form symbol is another stylization. The Old Mansion in Twilight Town is decorated with a rather odd variant, consisting of a crown, a heart and the fleur-de-lis.
Use as a symbol:

Roxas' zipper pull

The zipper pull is associated with Roxas.
Use as a symbol:

Mickey Head

The Mickey Head resembles King Mickey and is used widely in the game for all things Disney (Hidden Mickey etc.).
Use as a symbol:

Other Character Symbols[edit]

These symbols are not all seen ingame, but in the Ultimania.

Organization XIII Weapon Symbols[edit]

Additional World Symbols[edit]