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Dive to the Heart artwork.

Destati is a song that has many different versions, featured in both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II. They are included in the Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack, Kingdom Hearts II Original Soundtrack, and Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack Complete.

In Italian, Destati means "Awaken", which goes with the theme of the conflict of Light over Darkness. Only sections of the track were reused in "Dive into the Heart" during the tutorial in both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II.


  • Destati was used in early commercials for Kingdom Hearts and was added on the Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack as a bonus track. This version has more singing and more instruments in the orchestra.

The songs below are all based on Destati and have many of the same themes.

  • Dive into the Heart -Destati- was used as background music in many games in the Kingdom Hearts series. It was the background for the Dive to the Heart for both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II, as well as the background music that plays when selecting a character in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, which, fittingly, occurs in the Dive to the Heart. A faster-paced version with the same name was used for the battle music in Kingdom Hearts.
  • Fragments of Sorrow is the battle music for the End of the World in Kingdom Hearts. In Kingdom Hearts II, it is the battle music for Dive to the Heart.
  • End of the World is the background music for End of the World.
  • Guardando Nel Buio is the boss battle music for the last battle against World of Chaos.
  • Darkness of the Unknown, although mainly based on the song Another Side, has a brief element from Destati, which plays from the 4:36 mark to the 4:45 mark. This song plays during the final battle against Xemnas.
  • Dismiss, the boss battle music for Aqua's final battle against Terra-Xehanort in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, uses material from Destati and Fate of the Unknown.
  • A fuller, more bold version of Destati appears in Drammatica, which features Yoko Shimomura's most popular works.
  • L'Eminenza Oscura I and L'Eminenza Oscura II are both remixes of the original theme, however they both contain elements of previous Destati tracks, these being Guardando Nel Buio and Dismiss.
  • The Eye of Darkness, the boss battle music for Riku's final battle against the Armored Ventus Nightmare in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is a highly percussive remix of the original Destati track, featuring many drums, chimes, and brass, making it sound much grander than the standard theme.


Original Italian lyrics[edit]

Tendi la mano!
È giunta l'ora,


Le porte verranno schiuse
Destati, Destati, Destati

È giunta l'ora!

Su rimembra tu trepida!
Su sveglia! Ehi ricorda!

Destati! Destati!
Forza, tendi la mano!
Destati! Destati!
È giunta l'ora!

E ancora una volta
Apriranno le porte!

Su rimembra tu trepida!
Su sveglia! Ehi ricorda!

Eh? Come? Non lo vuoi!?
Tuttavia t'appartiene
Ciò che hai perduto
Diventerà uno solo!

English translation[edit]

Wake up!
Stretch out your hand!
The time has come,

Wake up!

they will open the doors
Wake up, wake up, wake up

The time has come!

Come on, remember you who are anxious!
Come on, wake up! Hey, remember!

Wake up! Wake up!
Come on, stretch out your hand!
Wake up! Wake up!
the time has come!

And once again
The doors will open!

Come on, remember you who are anxious!
Come on, wake up! Hey, remember!

Eh? What? You don't want it?
Still it belongs to you
the things that you've lost
Will become one!

Audio samples[edit]

Destati (Drammatica)
Destati (Drammatica).ogg
Destati (Original)
Destati KH.ogg
Dive into the Heart -Destati-
Dive into the Heart -Destati- KH.ogg


  • According to Kingdom Hearts Ultimania, Destati is somewhat a "cursed song." Since the chorus is often used in other pieces, whenever the chorus is loaded by Square Enix staff, something bad happens, an example being the entire building's electricity getting cut off.